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     Create a Strategy

    At youngbits we make a strategy based on your company and/or startup. The strategy is used to identify priorities, concentrate energy and resources, and ensure that employees and/or stakeholders work towards common goals with a focus on the future.

    This is done in a number of phases:

    • We complete a comprehensive analysis and assessment of the current company and its competitors.
    • In consultation with you, we then create a business strategy taking into account our analysis of the competition.
    • We execute the strategy and bring your idea to operational level.
    • Once operations are achieved, we evaluate and modify the strategy for optimal success!

    User experience

    To successfully launch products or services in today’s marketplace, it is important that they are well-conceptualized (or designed) and readily accessible to your customer base through a thoughtful and intuitive customer interface. User experience determines how the user interacts with and experiences the product, and is critical to the success of your business. However, user experience is highly subjective in nature and requires extensive consumer beta-testing and revision before launch. Required, because the interface determines the quality of your customer experience, and often makes or breaks business. In addition, user experience is dynamic and must adapt to constantly changing circumstances and customer feedback.

    UX is the interface between the design and the functioning of your online system. At Youngbits, we create an effective user experience in close consultation with you or your team, so that the end product drives meaningful consumer interactions that result in sales through your online portal.


    Design is critical to any successful launch, and one of our core strengths at Youngbits. For online markets, design distinguishes your brand and facilitates seamless consumer interaction while providing integrated business functionality for your back-end. The design process requires considerable research, negotiation, analysis, testing, adaptation and, if necessary, redesign. Every step in the design process is critically evaluated so that by the time the design launches it is a perfect fit of aesthetics and functionally for your core concept.

     Business development

    For every company and startup growth is critical to function: be it an expansion of the customer base, in services offered, productivity or product development. In business development, we will strategize and prioritize tasks and work-flows that facilitate growth both within your organization and your marketplace. Our central aim is to create long-term value for the organization, including customer relations. Our business development consultants work together with your team, with input you’re your customers, to create a development strategy for your company that fits your needs for growth.

     Software development

    In addition to design, software development is another of our core strengths at Youngbits. We will complete an analysis of your existing company software(s) or consider the objectives and goals of your organization in designing something from scratch. We organize this process into phases which include:

    • Initial development (or modification, re-engineering or update/maintenance of software)
    • Implementation
    • Testing (and revision)
    • Documentation (and manual production)
    • Deploy and maintain

    Digital transformation

    At Youngbits, we have been a digital organization right from the start. We understand that digital technology provides new solutions to many traditional business challenges. With our process of digital transformation, we examine your current or proposed business strategy to ensure it is capitalizing on available technology to streamline, innovate or even revolutionize traditional approaches to business growth and resource management.

    In short, in the digital transformation process we integrate digital solutions in all areas of the company to bring immediate added value to your existing customers and increase your capacity and flexibility for growth. The transformation is customized for every company, but is always a cultural change. We work with you you as an organization to experiment with changes so that you integrate this transformation effectively with the tools to quickly and easily adapt to future challenges both within your company and the marketplace as a whole.

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    Our services

    Product development Marketing campaign Business development Development of websites/apps Domain names Webhosting

    Product development

    We specialize in digital product development in the field of apps, websites, videos and we also do hardware development. Please contact us if you have any questions.


    Popular Optional

    Marketing campaigns

    If you want to get more customers, an adwords campaign or social media in combination with influencers campaign is the most effective to use. With us you can choose to choose a combined campaign with social media and adwords or one of the two options. If you have any questions about what we can do for you, please contact
    our marketing manager.

    Combined Adwords only

    Business development/transformation

    Transform your business together with us and generate more revenue while lowering the monthly costs. Or work with our business developers to enhance your business. Contact our business developers for more information.

    Development Transformation

    Development of websites/apps

    We create websites and apps from scratch or can update existing ones. We will complete an analysis of your existing company software(s) or consider the objectives and goals of your organization in designing a website, webshop or app from scratch. Contact us for more information.

    Websites Apps

    Domain name registration

    Register your domain name today, choose from the popular extensions such as .nl, .com and more. Incl. DNS management and options for ID protect so that your data is made anonymous. If you want to be unique as a company or website, it is also possible for us to request your own extension as a company. In addition to the standard extensions, we offer the possibility to request and register all possible (430) extensions. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.

    Popular Optional


    We are originally a web hosting company and have been doing this for more than 10 years. We offer two options in the field of web hosting. This can be web hosting without e-mail or a combination between web hosting with e-mail and additional services. It is also possible to purchase a package that is larger or smaller than the three packages below, it is possible to purchase web hosting from as little as € 4.99 per month. In addition, we charge € 3.99 administration costs per invoice and all amounts are exclusive of VAT.

    Package with Microsoft 365 Package with Gsuite


    Do you want to start accelerating with your company or startup? We can help you and also your clients in several countries or languages.

    Our diverse team is located in 9 countries and can assist you or your clients in the following languages:
    English, French, Dutch, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Georgian, Armenian, Romanian, Moldavian and Serbian.





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